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  • EXPO Winter Blowout Special

  • Happy New Year!!

    We want to wish you a

    Very Happy New Year from

    our EXPO Party Rental Family

    to yours!  We resolve

    to do our best to

    "Create happiness

    and lasting memories"

    for you, your friends

    and your family in


    Happy New Year!

  • Think Healthy

    2018 is almost here and there is no shortage of goals/ New Years resolutions here at EXPO Party Rentals.

    Let 2018 bring about a healthy change

    Owner of EXPO Party Rental challenged all of us at EXPO Party Rental to "Get Healthy in 2018".  It's a new year and new goals are sure to follow.  Start this year strong with us as we strive to be healthier this year.
    Connie came across an APP to aid in the path of getting healthy.  Watch her video and accept the challenge to get healthier with us.

    Watch her Video >>
    Accept the challenge and

    Download the app >>
    Try it with us!



    Our personal New Years Resolutions for 2018

    Jared Medaris (Party Rental)  - Read 12 books about business in 2018.
    Connie Viramontes (owner)  - Write in my personal journal daily.
    Michael V. (Decor) - Eat breakfast at least six times a week.
    Amanda (Decor) - Meditate for 10 minutes daily.
    Amber (Decor) - Exercise at least 30 minutes 3-5 times a week.
    Vivian (Party Rental) - Start graduate school and keep a balanced schedule.
    Navi (Party Rental) - Book a minimum of 10 parties for my decor business.
    Sarah (Party Rental) - Celebrate my 30th in Hawaii with my mom and sisters.
    Vance (Party Rental) - Compete in a sprint distance Spartan Race.
    Myrian (Table Top) -  Eat healthier and exercise more.
    Amber (Table Top) - Do more for others.
    Mario Viramontes (Owner) - To develop daily disciplines in the most important parts of my life;
    1. Spirituality
    2. Physical
    3. Gaining knowledge of things that matter most in the moment of what is needed
    4. Plan every day and execute
    5. Make these "Daily Disciplines" repetitious so I may gain as to the "WHY" I desire them.
    Jonathan M. (Party Rental/Warehouse) - To unify my family more and obtain a source of wealth for our future generations to come.
    Eric L. (Party Rental/Warehouse) - Enjoy my family more, travel, healthy living.  Continue to challenge myself.
    Doris (Dispatcher/Sales Exec.) - Take better care of myself!  Appreciate time with my family more.


  • Traditions that “Create Happiness and Lasting Memories”

    Traditions and ideas of “good tidings with comfort and joy” come to our minds this time of year and there’s a good reason for it.... the holidays are upon us.  That means a time of happiness and cheer, spending time with family and friends so dear and remembering our personal reasons for the holiday.  Whether your holiday is planned to be large or small, we welcome you all here at EXPO Party Rentals.  We love seeing our customers happy and enjoying themselves during this happy holiday and we wish you the best in
    “Creating Happiness and lasting memories” during this Happy time of year and always!

    Here at EXPO Party Rentals, traditions include an office gift exchange, a family/ company Holiday Party and decorating our showroom with festive tabletop and decor.

    Our Showroom is filled with all the feels of the Holiday.

    Including this adorable Christmas Tree Napkin fold.  

    I love the warmth and feeling that our Decor Team has created for the holiday.  What a joy it is to visit our showroom.  Did you know that you can visit the showroom too?  You walk in and smell the wonderful aroma that Kiku Floral brings and the gorgeous items from EXPO Party Rentals display.  Our showroom offers a starting place where dreams are born.  You can play with and arrange any item(s) that we have in our warehouse.
    You dream it and we help create it.  








    Ruby Red Glass Goblet 15 oz. | Charger, Square Brick Rattan 13" x 13"
    Basic Napkin 20"x 20" "Hunter Green"

    We would love to see your traditions this holiday season, tag us #expomyparty

    Gather your joyful thoughts this season and remember... we are here for you and all your party needs; big or small.  

    Follow us in this journey and be added to our mailing list


    All our Love and Happy Holidays
    The EXPO Party Rental Team

    Holiday Hours:
    Thursday Dec 21st; 9am-5pm
    Friday Dec 22nd; 9am-3:30pm
    Saturday Dec 23rd; 9am-2pm
    Sunday Dec 24th; Closed
    Monday Dec 25th; Closed
    Tuesday Dec 26th; Closed ONLY accepting delivery & pickups
    Wednesday-Friday Dec 27-29th; 9am-5pm
    Saturday Dec 30th; 9am-2pm
    Sunday Dec 31st; Closed
    Monday Jan 1st; Closed
    Tuesday Jan 2nd; 9am-5pm
    Things to look forward to:
    Bridal show  -  January 7th
  • Make a List, Check it Twice

    It's so frustrating to forget your checklist at home, we completely understand.  With Holidays coming, you won't want to forget anything and what better way to remember everything, than on a checklist?

    Christimas ClipboardClick the photo above to print out your own checklist. Take it with you to our EXPO Showroom so you wont forget a thing to make your celebration perfect.

    First and foremost, don't stress!  I can almost guarantee that none of your visitors are expecting a perfectly styled holiday party.  By taking a little bit of time to prepare, and adding a few special touches, you can make your home and holiday celebration an inviting destination for guests.

    Your Holiday Party
    Make your biggest area the dining area
    If you're having a formal dinner, you need space for chairs and tables, plus walking room all the way around.  EXPO offers a wide variety of chairs and linens to seat all of your guest.  All that extra furniture can go in your garage.
    Turn your garage into a comfy lounge.
    Any furniture you clear out to make room can go in your garage, and it makes a convenient place for guests to escape the fray.
    Set up stations and decor to direct traffic
    If you have rooms or areas of your home that you don't want your guests to access, find a way to silently but beautifully convey the message.  Place the buffet station or a cocktail table in front of doors that you don't want accessed, or an arrangement of tall vases filled with floating candles or flowers from Kiku Floral on the staircase landing to deter guests from going upstairs.  Sometimes you need to hide part of a room when moving items isn't practical - say, if the den opens up to your office space. Our pipe and drape curtain panels that come in a variety of colors are a festive way to keep your items hidden and separate from the party area.
    Make sure your buffet is big enough
    If you don't have an ample bar to use as a serving station, make one.  Don't despair if your makeshift bar looks ugly — just cover it with a linen.
    Keep the drinks away from the entrance
    It's important to avoid bottlenecks. People congregate around where drinks are served, even if they're nonalcoholic, so keep your drink serving station off to the side.
    Make some areas standing room only
    Cocktail tables are perfect for standing room only.  Drape a linen over the top, add a chair tie around the table neck and even add a small floral arrangement.

    We wish you all the happiest of holidays filled with no stress.  We can help you with your event from start to finish.  We even wash all the dished for you.

    Call us today to reserve everything you need for your holiday party.

    EXPO BLACK LOGOAddress3714 N Valentine Ave, Fresno, CA 93722
    Hours: 9AM–5PM

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  • Loyal Customer Shares

    What girl growing up didn't pretend to have a "Tea" party? I know I did. I would get all of my stuffed animals and dolls set up at the table. Then I’d set out all of my grandma's tea cups and saucers—although I never really understood why we had to have a mini plate to hold our cups. I pretend to have "tea time" like the Queen of England would do. I would even stick my pinky out and everything.

    Recently I was called to be an activities day leader with someone who instantly became a dear friend. We planned out the rest of this year with so many fun activities that, won’t only be fun, but will also help our young women pass off their Faith in God award.

    One of the activities we planned was a "Tea" party. So, we partnered up with Expo Party Rentals and transformed the nursery room. We draped the walls with beautiful draping and some pink accent lights to bring more warmth and color to the room. Nobody could have known under the beautiful decorations there was a church’s nursery room.


    We decorated the tables beautifully with lilac table clothes and a lace overlay. What tea party doesn't have lace? We set the tables with a formal table setting using Expo's double rimmed gold china and flatware and water goblets for a modern twist.  Of course we had to have some kind of pink in there somewhere, so we tied pink in with the napkins and the chair sashes.


    Flower, oh the flowers! We got to try out the new florist at expo. She did amazing putting together different vintage glass bottle pieces. Her arrangements added just the right amount of classic to a modern tea party. They were just beautiful.

    Now, one can not have a tea party with out good food. We had beautiful cake pops, chocolate covered oreos, a cherry salad, tea sandwiches, and of course strawberries.


    We had a lot of fun designing our event, learning about etiquette with the girls, and put together cute hats. But my favorite memory from our event was seeing the reaction of the girls when we finally let them come into the room to see the amazing set up we had put together for them. They could tell their leaders truly cared for them and wanted to make sure they had a great time.

  • Turkey Day Dining

    Dress your table with all the trimmings!

    Turkey Day DiningBring the family together & FALL in love with the memories you CREATE!

    $25.00 Family Package 

    (1) 8' Banquet or 66" Round Table

    (10) Basic Folding Chairs 

    (1) 60"x 120" Basic Linen or 90" Basic Linen 

    A $30 Value!

    Call the office today 559.495.3300 and/or order online

    Be sure you mention this post!

    Don't Forget you will receive a special gift from Expo Floral if you place

    your order during the week of Thanksgiving!

    Free Expo Floral Gift

  • DIY: Frozen Themed Birthday Party

    Guest Blogger and Expo Customertitlepicture
    When my daughter told me she wanted a Frozen themed birthday party, I wasn't the least bit surprised.  Lucky for me, she wanted to dress up as Anna rather than the ice princess herself.  This allowed for  a little more richness in the over all color palette.

    I started off with party plates my daughter picked out. Expo Rentals had these beautiful teal tablecloths which matched perfectly.

    I don't know about you, but I don't have 22 kid chairs laying around my house for all these little guests. So we rented 3 kid sized tables and 22 kid sized chairs from Expo Rentals as well. They are sooo cute! I even decorated the birthday girls chair with a little tulle and a small banner. She loved her special seat!

    My friend let me have the centerpieces from her daughters party. I didn't want to copy her exactly though, so I added the tulle "bows" to the branches. I thought they were perfect for a wintery feel.


    Art is a huge part of our family so I thought framing my daughters painting would be a nice contribution to the party decor. This allows us to have a more personalized and unique touch making the party truly about her.

    I also had fun using vintage dishes for serving the food. Old milk glass bowls were perfect for grapes and vintage plates for cookies and cheese. Might as well put those pretty things tucked away in the china cabinet to good use.


    I used a store box cookie mix to make these little snowflake cookies. Baking isn't by any means my specialty so these little sweets came very close to being a Pinterest fail.No joke, I had to use the smaller cookie cutters because the bigger snowflake cookie shapes kept falling apart. Also, you'll see my decorating of them was SUPER simple. Just three lines were pipped onto each cookie and little candies were stuck onto them before the frosting dried. I used a basic royal icing recipe which includes powdered egg whites and I let them dry over night. They held up perfectly and tasted great!


    There is always at least a couple gluten intolerant guest at every party, so the chocolate cupcakes are gluten free ( from a box mix as well). For those of us who eat wheat I had powdered donuts as well simply because they fit the snow theme and look so cute piled up on a plate.


    The kids all got a bottle of apple juice. I simply covered the label with teal paper and stuck on a card stock snowflake made with a paper punch. Paper straws are always so darling and tying them on with a ribbon is practical and pretty.The birthday cake was from a box mix as well (shocker!) and I frosted it with a traditional vanilla butter cream recipe. Freezing the cake first is a MUST for easy decorating. After freezing it overnight, I always apply a light coat frosting first as a crumb coat, stick it in the fridge for 20 min, then finish decorating it. I used a simple star tip for the piped decoration and aqua candies as a extra special touch. No bakery wizardry here. Keep it simple! foodtable

    We also had cheese, crackers, chips, and pizza (not pictured). Our family is very busy running two small businesses so you won't find me slaving over the stove cooking an elaborate lunch or dinner for 50 guests. I go crazy enough as it is crafting the little things I do find time to make.

    The kids had fun and my daughter loved her party. I considered it a success!

    Happy Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

    And thanks again to Expo Rentals for beautiful rentals and superb customer service!


    Just for fun, here are a couple of our darling guests. Seriously, that troll costume was genius and my own little toddler always melts my heart!


    To read more from our guest blogger you can find Budget Beautiful here.

  • Child’s Birthday: Alice in Wonderland (Part 3)

    Alicia Nelson, Guest Blogger & Customer


    I love pretty linens and china. I've been lucky enough to inherit some of my grandmother’s tea cup collection and I pick up bits and pieces at yard sales when I get the chance. However, I don't have enough of everything for a large party like this one. Besides, we had a large range in ages attend our Wonderland party.

    Therefore, the kid tables and the adult tables were slightly different. I wanted a Mad Hatter tea party going on with the adults using my vintage tea cups. It didn't seem wise to have the munchkins around some of my grandma's tea cup collection, so they ended up with Drink Me labels on apple juice bottles. I'm sure they would rather have apple juice than tea anyway. Everyone had the double gold band salad plates and Parisian flatware. I think my tea cup collection looks perfect with the rental china. The touch of gold really ties everything together.



    Both tables had a baby blue cloth with a white runner. How cute are the covers and bows on the kid chairs? They almost look like little dresses! So sweet!


  • Child’s Birthday: Alice in Wonderland (Part 2)

    By: Alicia Nelson, Guest Blogger & Customer


    Kid parties are the perfect time to go crazy with craft projects. Since we have a photography business, we have a large collection of baby portraits to display. I picked up these hinged picture frames from the dollar store and enlisted my older kids to help paint and glitter them. I wanted the back side of the frames to be cute as well so I covered the backs with scrapbook paper and amusing Alice In Wonderland quotes. The first time I read the book I was about 9 years old. Reading it as an adult was a whole new experience. Strangely enough, I can relate to most of the quotes. Yes, at times I feel as though I have fallen down a rabbit hole and we are all mad here!



    Our favors were small bags with round chocolate mint patties inside. My goodness I love those candies! We placed little clocks on them with the time of our daughter’s birth. Credit to that little detail must go to my oldest daughter. She's one smart cookie! To finish them off, I printed up little labels to staple to the top of the bags. They turned out cute and sweet and I was more than happy to take home the leftovers.


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