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  • Meet Industry Certified Sarah Strebel


    Sarah Strebel was born and raised in the Event Rental Industry. As one of the daughters of Expo Owners Mario & Connie Viramontes, Sarah knows what it takes to get the job done and done right in the Event Rental Industry.

    I truly enjoy working with our customers,
    And helping them discover all the
    Possibilities they have when creating
    And planning their events. I love what
    I do and I am grateful for the
    Opportunities to serve our customers. “

    Becky Davis Photography Becky Davis Photography

    Sarah on June 23, 2014 earned her designation
    as a Certified Event Rental Professional (CERP)
    Through the American Rental Association.

    This designation means that Sarah is nationally recognized as a profession in the Event Rental Industry. Education, seminars, course work and pre-qualifications had to be done in order to be considered for this rigorous program.

    Official Certification. Official Certification.

    “I desire to produce the finest work possible,

    and having the CERP education under my belt

    has taught me how to become a better service

     provider and educator for The Expo Team

     and most importantly for our valued customers.”

    The next time you plan an event remember, it saves to work with the professionals.
    Start creating happiness and lasting memories today with Expo Party Rentals.

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