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  • Color Story | Take Me To the Beach

    "Take Me to the Beach" Table Top setting

    By: Vivian Sanchez


    I was inspired by the colors Ocean blue/ aqua/ celadon/ silver

    Vivian: "I’ve always dreamed of a beach wedding.  But I’ve also wanted it to be classy and elegant.  Why not bring a touch of elegance to your favorite coastal destination?  By adding some greens and florals from Kiku I was able to add a cool and refreshing feel to the table setting."


    Farm Table | Silver FanFair Chair | Burlap Runner | Hammer Flatware | Melodia Champaign Flute/ Wine Glass | Celadon Napkins | NewWave Salad Plate | NewWave Pasta Bowl | Ocean Blue Goblet


    Beach Wedding
    Backyard Party
    Bridal Shower
    Dinner Party

  • How To | Cotton Candy Machine

    Quickly and effortlessly spin an American classic with this Carnival cotton candy machine!

    With a steady production rate of 2 cones per minute, this enticing cotton candy machine makes it easy for you to keep up with high demand events. Boasting powerful operating qualities and a durable construction this is the ideal machine for carnivals, sporting events, or parties!

    Whether you want to keep it simple with snacks, or you want to push the envelope go all out, you’re in the right place. Cotton candy is a party treat that can go above and beyond just birthday parties.

    Set Cotton Candy Out As Treats

    What is a party without treats? As the host, you’re going to want to make sure you have enough food and sweet treats for your guests. When you put together the spread, don’t forget to include cotton candy.

    Give Out Prepackaged Cotton Candy As Party Favors

    Depending on the size of your party, you may want to give out party favors to your guests. A fun favor is prepackaged cotton candy! Your guests will enjoy a take home classic sweet confection, plus you don’t even have to spend a lot of money!

    Pick you flavor: Silly Nilly Vanilla or Boo Raspberry.   If you choose to feature cotton candy at your event, you and your guests will enjoy the experience.
    Order your cotton candy machine today

  • Spotlight | Kiku Floral

    Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and I’m feeling the love! Our EXPO Showroom is filled with flowers that your Love with fall in love with.

    Kiku Floral has dreamed up some magical flower arrangements that you won't want to miss.

    The Quality of product is outstanding and the flowers will last way past Valentine's Day, which will give you extra points with your Love.

    Kiku Floral is open on Valentine's Day and you can even "Drive Through" and pick up your flowers to go.

    They offer all kinds of options that you'll want to take advantage of

    • Single Rose

    • Half Dozen

    • Dozen

    • and many more... 

    See you on Valentine's Day!

  • Spotlight | A Galentine's Dinner with Annie "The Real Housewife of Fresno"

    A Galentine's Day Dinner to gather those friends you cherish so dear.
    featuring: Annie |The Real Housewife of Fresno

    Our good friend Annie aka "The Real Housewife of Fresno" created an adorable and quaint get-together for her and her girl-friends and she was gracious enough to allows us to share the fun.  We asked her a few questions to help us have an equally successful get-together with our friends.

    Items Used | Blush Drop SequinTrieste Black/Gold Charger |
    Double Gold Dinner Plate | Arezzo Flatware | Melodia Water/Wine | Shot Glass |
    Black satin napkins | Floral by @bloomingbeautyfresno


    Annie | I was inspired by the sequin linens, stemware and chargers.  I decided I wanted a mixture of metals (gold, rose gold, mercury glass) with black and a touch of pink.  I wanted the table to be formal and elegant.




    Annie | My birthday is 1/31 and as everyone knows Valentine's is 2/14 so the two events are very close together.  Instead of celebrating me for my birthday I decided I wanted to celebrate my closest friendships so I put together an intimate Galentine's Party.




    Annie| Pick a theme first and work from there.  Plan ahead and write everything down.  I write down literally everything I'll need from decor to food so that the day of I have a checklist to make sure I'm not missing anything.  Rent what you can so cleanup is a breeze.  The worst part about a party is the cleanup.  If you rent all your dishes then you barely have anything to clean up!  Don't forget the party is for you too, so soak it up and enjoy!

    a. Plan ahead and write it all down.
    b. Rent
    c. Remember to enjoy the party

    Read more from Annie >>

    Annie "The Real Housewife of Fresno" |

    Blooming Beauty |

    Expo Party Rentals |

  • The Look | Your Valentine's Day dinner just got prettier


    Objective |Use items to create the style of a romantic Valentine's Day Dinner

    If you're as Pinterest obsessed as we are, chances are you've seen your fair share of gorgeous Valentine's Day tables.  It's definitely that time of year.  Whether you're planning a dinner for two or throwing a party for friends, this table set up is a gorgeous solution.  But before you get started you're going to need our help at EXPO Party Rentals.

    Designer items | Ruby Red GobletPerception Champagne Flute | Pearl Flatware |
    Double Gold Cream ChargerDouble Gold Cream DinnerBurgundy Napkin  20x20 |
    Ivory Linen 120”


  • Color Story | Hues of Blues and Peach


     APPLICATION | This look is so versatile that it can be used for a baby shower (girl, boy or gender reveal party), a bridal shower and a wedding reception! This is a fun look if you’re hosting at home and aren’t shy of a little color!


    INSPIRATION | I was inspired by the combination of hues of blue from our new Amalfi salad plates! We complimented the blue with peach/orange shades that we pulled with the florals, napkins and our new chameleon chairs!


    EXPO ITEMS Belmont Clear Bead Charger -Round Cream Ella Charger -Amalfi Salad Plate
    -Royal White Dinner Plate -Peach Napkin -Silver Hammered Flatware - Crush White Sand Base Linen


  • EXPO Winter Blowout Special

  • Happy New Year!!

    We want to wish you a

    Very Happy New Year from

    our EXPO Party Rental Family

    to yours!  We resolve

    to do our best to

    "Create happiness

    and lasting memories"

    for you, your friends

    and your family in


    Happy New Year!

  • Think Healthy

    2018 is almost here and there is no shortage of goals/ New Years resolutions here at EXPO Party Rentals.

    Let 2018 bring about a healthy change

    Owner of EXPO Party Rental challenged all of us at EXPO Party Rental to "Get Healthy in 2018".  It's a new year and new goals are sure to follow.  Start this year strong with us as we strive to be healthier this year.
    Connie came across an APP to aid in the path of getting healthy.  Watch her video and accept the challenge to get healthier with us.

    Watch her Video >>
    Accept the challenge and

    Download the app >>
    Try it with us!



    Our personal New Years Resolutions for 2018

    Jared Medaris (Party Rental)  - Read 12 books about business in 2018.
    Connie Viramontes (owner)  - Write in my personal journal daily.
    Michael V. (Decor) - Eat breakfast at least six times a week.
    Amanda (Decor) - Meditate for 10 minutes daily.
    Amber (Decor) - Exercise at least 30 minutes 3-5 times a week.
    Vivian (Party Rental) - Start graduate school and keep a balanced schedule.
    Navi (Party Rental) - Book a minimum of 10 parties for my decor business.
    Sarah (Party Rental) - Celebrate my 30th in Hawaii with my mom and sisters.
    Vance (Party Rental) - Compete in a sprint distance Spartan Race.
    Myrian (Table Top) -  Eat healthier and exercise more.
    Amber (Table Top) - Do more for others.
    Mario Viramontes (Owner) - To develop daily disciplines in the most important parts of my life;
    1. Spirituality
    2. Physical
    3. Gaining knowledge of things that matter most in the moment of what is needed
    4. Plan every day and execute
    5. Make these "Daily Disciplines" repetitious so I may gain as to the "WHY" I desire them.
    Jonathan M. (Party Rental/Warehouse) - To unify my family more and obtain a source of wealth for our future generations to come.
    Eric L. (Party Rental/Warehouse) - Enjoy my family more, travel, healthy living.  Continue to challenge myself.
    Doris (Dispatcher/Sales Exec.) - Take better care of myself!  Appreciate time with my family more.


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