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Think Healthy

2018 is almost here and there is no shortage of goals/ New Years resolutions here at EXPO Party Rentals.

Let 2018 bring about a healthy change

Owner of EXPO Party Rental challenged all of us at EXPO Party Rental to "Get Healthy in 2018".  It's a new year and new goals are sure to follow.  Start this year strong with us as we strive to be healthier this year.
Connie came across an APP to aid in the path of getting healthy.  Watch her video and accept the challenge to get healthier with us.

Watch her Video >>
Accept the challenge and

Download the app >>
Try it with us!



Our personal New Years Resolutions for 2018

Jared Medaris (Party Rental)  - Read 12 books about business in 2018.
Connie Viramontes (owner)  - Write in my personal journal daily.
Michael V. (Decor) - Eat breakfast at least six times a week.
Amanda (Decor) - Meditate for 10 minutes daily.
Amber (Decor) - Exercise at least 30 minutes 3-5 times a week.
Vivian (Party Rental) - Start graduate school and keep a balanced schedule.
Navi (Party Rental) - Book a minimum of 10 parties for my decor business.
Sarah (Party Rental) - Celebrate my 30th in Hawaii with my mom and sisters.
Vance (Party Rental) - Compete in a sprint distance Spartan Race.
Myrian (Table Top) -  Eat healthier and exercise more.
Amber (Table Top) - Do more for others.
Mario Viramontes (Owner) - To develop daily disciplines in the most important parts of my life;
1. Spirituality
2. Physical
3. Gaining knowledge of things that matter most in the moment of what is needed
4. Plan every day and execute
5. Make these "Daily Disciplines" repetitious so I may gain as to the "WHY" I desire them.
Jonathan M. (Party Rental/Warehouse) - To unify my family more and obtain a source of wealth for our future generations to come.
Eric L. (Party Rental/Warehouse) - Enjoy my family more, travel, healthy living.  Continue to challenge myself.
Doris (Dispatcher/Sales Exec.) - Take better care of myself!  Appreciate time with my family more.


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