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Mario Viramontes
Owner, CEO
The clock doesn’t keep Mario from standing still, for over 30 years he has been an innovator in Party Rentals and pushes his business to be incomparable in the market. It’s his enthusiasm for providing the best experience possible for his clients, which gives Expo a flawless reputation.

When he is not running one of the most successful party, audio visual, and decor rental businesses in California, he spends time with his beautiful family, which revives his youthful spirit. He keeps them entertained by dancing and singing the tunes of his favorite artist Elvis Presley.

Mario and his wife, Connie, recently returned back from serving  a 18-month sabbatical to serve as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Latvia, Estonia, and the Baltic region.









Connie Viramontes

Since leaving the Southwest, where the summers were dusty and the bell-bottoms had flare, Connie has been active within the company and in the Central Valley for over 25 years. In her spare time, Connie strives to live a healthy lifestyle, eating delicious veggies and practicing yoga to stay active with her five children and eight beautiful grandchildren. Her greatest accomplishments come from watching her children become amazing citizens, and promoting and maintaining good values.

She aspires to be perceived as caring and giving by everyone she meets. Connie and her husband, Mario, recently returned from taking an 18-month sabbatical to serve as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Latvia, Estonia, and the Baltic region.

Jessie Gonzalez
Human Resources & Payroll

Growing up with 5 siblings in the heart of Fresno, Jessie has always had it in her mind to think of others first.

She is a running addict and finds it most agreeable when she is running with friends. Enjoying a healthy lifestyle and spending time with her husband of over 25 years are some of the most cherished parts of her life.

Reed Wilcox
Accountant/ Bookkeeper

Jared Medaris, CERP

President, Expo Party Rentals

Jared is a science fiction enthusiast, who enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle. He is still working hard to one day be able to slam-dunk a basketball. If you step into his office you’ll see that he is an passionate basketball fan, and you might even be able to guess his favorite team.

Jared is a firm believer that if you commit to something, you need to see it all the way through. He is well known for being a hard worker and most importantly a genuine friend.

Jared is a Certified Event Rental Professional.



Martin Viramontes
Senior Event Coordinator Officer 

Martin brings his deep expertise and voice to Expo's trade show division. His professionalism and attention to detail is what makes him the best in the industry.













Malcolm Marshall
President, Audio Visual

Malcolm grew up in London, England where there was plenty to do and many places to see. He has been head of the Audio Visual department since 2000. Malcolm was a musician for many years, touring with his rock band, British Intelligence. Nowadays, he prefers to listen to soulful jazz & enjoys cooking for his relaxation.

He appreciates the genuine qualities in people that involve honesty, punctuality, and attention to detail. He gains satisfaction in knowing that he does a first-class job and is appreciated by others.