Frequently Asked Questions

When I receive a quote, does that mean my items are on hold?

No, your items will not be on hold in our system until you return a signed quote to your sales representative. Once received, your sales representative will process a 50% deposit with any debit or credit card (50% of deposit is non-refundable). Once the payment is processed you will receive an email confirmation for your reservation. If you have not received a reservation confirmation, your order is not on hold.

Once an order is reserved, can I make revisions?

Yes, final changes are due (1) week prior to the designated delivery date, any reduction will incur a 25% restocking fee per item. You may add items, based on availability. See our cancellation policy for more information.

When is the final payment due?

Final payments are due (72) hours prior to the designated delivery date and credit cards may be run.

Can I pick up the equipment from the warehouse?

a. Yes, will-call orders are available. You are responsible for securing equipment in the vehicle and for any damages that may occur.

b. Some equipment is not eligible for customer pickup and will require delivery by Expo Events staff.

How does your delivery and pickup service work?

a. Delivery is available on orders of $900 or more. Corporate or On Account clients may have this requirement waived based on availability. Typically the items are dropped a day or two before if allowed, or we can make arrangements for the day of your event. Delivery fees vary depending on location, amount of rented equipment, size of crew needed, and timing. Orders are delivered during regular business hours of 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. You may request a 4-hour window, and we will do our best to accommodate. Deliveries and pickups made outside of normal business hours are considered after-hours and will incur additional charges. Delivery times are available at 2-hour windows or a specific time at an additional cost.

b. Delivery of equipment is to a specific and predetermined destination and transported no farther than 20 feet from the delivery vehicle on level ground without prior arrangements. If equipment drop-off or pickup point is farther than 20 feet from access to the delivery vehicle, additional carrying fees may be applied. We are to be notified of any permanent barriers or obstacles (e.g. stairs, hills, parking regulations, etc.) that may impede the process of a safe and timely delivery.

c. Someone will need to be on-site to accept the delivery of all equipment. You are responsible for equipment until we arrive for pickup. Equipment should be placed where the equipment was delivered. Equipment should never be left out in inclement weather. Keep in mind that rain and dew can ruin equipment and you will be responsible to replace anything that is damaged.

Do I need to be on-site during the delivery?

Yes, either you or someone designated by you will need to know where and how the items should be delivered. If you or your representative is not on-site, our crew will call the contact number on file and if unable to reach someone, a $50 fee per employee will be assessed for every 15 minutes the crew waits.

Do I need to be on-site during the pickup?

Yes, either you or someone designated by you will need to know where all items are located for pickup. Equipment should be placed where the equipment was delivered. If a contact person is not on-site and something is left behind because our crew could not locate it, you will be charged the replacement of the item. It will then be up to you to drop it off to our warehouse or call to have it picked up. If we must return for an additional pickup, you will be charged an additional pickup fee.

Do you set up and break down the equipment?

You are responsible for setup and breakdown of equipment (except tents, dance floors, staging, and flooring) unless specified in writing or on the rental contract. Setup and breakdown is available on most items for an additional fee. Please call our office for a quote (559.495.3300). Equipment is to be delivered no further than 20’ from the delivery truck. Equipment is to be returned to where the equipment was dropped off. For pickup, if the equipment is not placed where it was delivered, Expo Events staff will gather equipment and customer will be charged labor fees.

Can I cook in a tent?

While our tents are flameproof, they are not suitable for grilling or other forms of cooking. Caterers can use equipment to keep food warm inside a tent. Any grilling or other cooking must be done outside the tent area. You will be charged replacement fees if the tent is damaged due to smoke or flame.

Is setup included in the rental rate?

Listed prices are rental only. (Except tents, staging, dance floor, and flooring – setup is included in those rentals.) All items come prepared and ready for your use, but it is your responsibility to arrange for setup. You can hire us to provide this extra service for you and we are happy to calculate a fee based on your needs.

Do I need to clean my rented items?

For the most part, we will clean everything upon return to the warehouse. We do ask the following:

  • Glassware – Be emptied out of all liquids and put face down in the racks (just as you received them)
  • Dinnerware and Flatware – Be scraped of food and debris-free
  • Linens – Be shaken clean of any debris and placed in the provided Expo Events linen bag. Please DO NOT place linens in plastic bags. This could cause mold and then you will be responsible for replacing the linen. NO WAX OR OPEN FLAME ON LINENS.
  • Outdoor Grills – Must be cooled and empty of charcoal. If dirty, the cleaning deposit is forfeited.
  • Deep Fryers – Must be cooled and emptied of oil. If any oil remains, we will charge a $250.00 cleaning fee.
  • Ovens – Must be cooled
Cancellation Policy

a. If the contract is canceled more than 10-days prior to will call or delivery: a 25% cancellation fee of the total contract will be assessed. If items are removed from the order, no more than 50% of the deposit value is refundable or can be removed.

b. If the contract is canceled between 10-1 days prior to will call or delivery: a 50% restocking fee of the contract will be assessed. For items removed from the order between 10-1 days prior, a 50% restocking fee of the total items removed from the order will be assessed.

c. If canceled within 24 hours prior to will call or delivery: No refund.